About Polex

Polex Electrical Products is a vision of a group that is engaged in the electronics business for a record of years. The company has state of the art facilities majorly in two cities Delhi/ NCR and Mumbai, with about decades of leadership in the electrical industry. Polex has emerged with Innovative Solutions for a Brighter Future of the nation and is all set to be in pages of the history. The company has offered long-lasting products with better safety and comfort to its customers worldwide.

The company offers products that cater to better energy generation, conservation and management. Now-a-days, Polex delivers a seamless, diverse and vast range of innovative electrical, lighting and ventilation products exceeding the global standards.

Over the last few decades, through its experience, skill set, and understanding of the Indian market, Polex has managed to be the attention of every citizen in this country. The era when the market involving those electrical switches and wiring devices was in hand of the unorganized sector, the company started with a humble vision of manufacturing electrical products of standard quality.

The company preserves its class over time with an unfailing and unchanging result having everlasting goodwill in market. We firmly believe in a good design, as it is known to inspire a good living. The idea behind it is to make a better place to live in. We make products that put you at comfort: designs that compliment your lifestyle; our products assemble a world within your home that lets you enjoy life to the fullest.

Our mission is to attain a level of unparalleled supremacy in electrical Industry. Our Vision is to recapture the way people use electrical products. We provide them with an unprecedented level of security and safety via the process of extensive R & D and continuous creativity.